531 E 5th Avenue
Anchorage AK 99501
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    We are committed to expanding and tailoring our business to the Alaskan cigar connoisseur. Please feel free to contact us with requests and recommendations, we are happy to accommodate.

Monday-Saturday 10a-6p AKST
    Welcome to Alaska's largest walk-in customer humidor. We have over 150 sq. ft. of newly remodeled humidor space. We are constantly bringing in new products, and adding to our existing collection from all major brands. We stock varieties from Ashton, Oliva, Drew Estate, H. Upmann, My Father's, Drew Estates, Man O' War, Diesel, CAO, and A.Fuente... plus many, many more. New cigars are arriving more than once a week, and we take special orders at no additional charge. If we don't currently have what you want, let us know and we will stock it. You can even make requests in advance, just give us a day or two (in most cases) and we'll have your brand in.
    We have just completed the first phase of our remodel. Our smaller walk-in humidor rebuild is done. In addition to the new flooring, lighting, and an updated look throughout, we updated the infrastructure as well. We have installed new automated control and monitoring systems for humidity, temperature and air exchange, insuring quality in our selection. We are now working on doubling the size of this humidor, to make it even larger than our product storage humidor we also have on-site. We will be continuing with remodeling our lounge, as well as increasing its square footage and amenities. We will also be expanding and remodeling our retail space, complete with new displays, new lighting, and new retail product lines will be brought in. We appreciate your business. We are striving hard to improve everyday, and deliver a great customer experience. 
    We are located at 531 E. 5th Avenue, the yellow building in downtown Anchorage. Many Alaskans will remember this location as Pete's. We as the new owners also remember this location as Pete's and are determined to return the business to it's former glory. Pete's won Press Picks 'Best of' in 2012, and we intend to bring this honor back. We carry on many of Pete's traditions, ideals, and product lines. We are expanding our humidors to have as much customer-available walk-in humidor space as he did... and even a little more. We are expanding on his private cigar lounge by adding not only space, but additional amenities and discounts for it's members.